Saturday, May 29, 2010

Collecting Bamboo from the neighbor's yard, Shhh.

Caroline and I spent an hour or so hanging out together last night. We searched for 4 leaf clovers, tried to hand feed a bunny and collected bamboo from the neighbor's yard. Lots of fun for us both.

I was amazed when I saw these pictures at the young lady that emerged from these images, when did this happen?? I guess she is no longer my little girl, but now she is my big girl..

IMG_4266, originally uploaded by krispycrunch6.

She had her eye on this bunny she was convinced she could feed. Well, as you can imagine no bunny was hand fed. Caroline did have fun watching the bunny play and eat grass. She is my Mother of Nature girl..

Smiles all around..

Smiles all around.., originally uploaded by krispycrunch6.

All smiles and sunshine in this shot.. Sunset just creates such beautiful light..

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Coco 5 Days New

Coco, originally uploaded by krispycrunch6.

Here is a little one that I had the pleasure of photographing. She was 5 days old and full of spunk. This sweetheart decided she wasn't going to have her picture taken, but 5 hours into her session she gave up for a few shots. Needless to say, I walked away tired and she left with a well fought victory.

I learned some important lessons this day:
1. The baby is in control
2. Always remember to bring the camera
3. A baby can poo more than 30 X in a 5 hour period
4. Baby poo does not smell good
5. Keep a sense of humor no matter what
6. 5 day old baby's can flip you the bird(she did).
7. I still love this job, no matter what
8. The baby is in control

Thank you so much, Coco for the life lessons. You are a master teacher and one gorgeous little girl.


Coco, originally uploaded by krispycrunch6.

These beautiful eyes wide open and this little one was ready for pictures.

Last One.

Last One., originally uploaded by krispycrunch6.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two crazed bath maniacs...

Two crazed bath maniacs..., originally uploaded by krispycrunch6.

These two have not taken a bath together for months, I was shocked to see how much they look alike and how similar they are in size. I guess 5 years difference does not mean much.

I am always shocked by how much all the kids have grown in a year. One minute they are little babies and before you know it, they are men and women. If only time would slow down to the pace that is good for me. Yet, there are days when I feel the need to fast forward to bedtime in a need for quiet. When they are snuggled in their beds they all look like angels, no matter whether the child is 19 or 2..

For today I am content just to take each moment as it comes. However, when the kids get home from school I reserve the right to change my mind. :):)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Safe, In Mommy's Hands

Safe, In Mommy's Hands, originally uploaded by krispycrunch6.

I had the incredible pleasure of shooting with my friend again. We spent 4 hours posing, shooting, calming, feeding and loving this little guy, Hudson. He was one of the cutest little babies and a pure joy.

I LOVE this job. There is no other job I would rather do in the world besides love on my own kids, but on the days I am blessed to shoot a newborn I am in Heaven.

Hedgehog baby

Hedgehog baby, originally uploaded by krispycrunch6.

He looked good in every color and posed like a trooper. He did have an elusive smile. He smiled the second Tina and I took the camera away,:stinker.

Hudson w/daddy

Hudson w/daddy, originally uploaded by krispycrunch6.

His eyes finally opened near the end of the 4 hour session.

Little Elephants in A Row.

Little Elephants in A Row., originally uploaded by krispycrunch6.

His nursery was done in Elephants and these beautiful colors. I got lucky when I picked these props for his session.


Hudson, originally uploaded by krispycrunch6.

Another shot from this handsome little guy.Thanks Hudson for being soooo good and sleepy.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Flower Girl 103/365

Flower Girl 103/365, originally uploaded by krispycrunch6.

I have been waiting for weeks for the wildflowers near our home to bloom. Finally, they were ready to shoot. I love Spring..

Everyone Loves A Quiet Place To Read.

Just another shot from our time with the wildflower garden..

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hello Newman!! 102/365

Hello Newman!! 102/365, originally uploaded by krispycrunch6.

It's official, I am finally a newborn photographer. I am proud to show my image from my first newborn shooot. With two more newbies to come..
Please meet: NEWMAN. Newman is a baby cardinal that was hatched in the rosebush in my yard. I am so proud and haapy to have this little guy around..sniff, sniff.
No gifts or flowers please!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day..101/365

To all you mommy's out there, I hope you have a very blessed mother's day

Friday, May 7, 2010

Senior sessions 100/365

Okay, so I have been so busy taking senior pictures. Not really my cup of tea, but a chance to get more practice. I was blessed to work with some incredible seniors the past few weeks and they are a lot easier than little kiddos.
I am learning that the processing is a LOT of work, but I am getting there slowly but surely..I realize now though that this is definitely what I LOVE to do. Besides being a mom, nothing else brings me more joy and pleasure than shooting pictures. I could do it all day long and can't wait to pick up my camera again. I am also realizing I LOVE the newbies, they are a bit more time consuming, but there is no greater joy.
I promise not to keep ignoring the blog, but it may be a few more days before I catch up again. Between photo shoots, chicken pox and the end of the year duties for school things have been busy.
hugs to all and God bless!!

A handsome guy here and there.



So many beautiful girls to photograph..


K b/w, originally uploaded by krispycrunch6 (soooo far behind!!).


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bench Baby 99/365

Bench Baby 99/365, originally uploaded by krispycrunch6.

Caught this little shot as she was resting for a minute on the bench looking at the birds in the tree last night. I love this little stinker butt. She didn't go to bed until after 11:00 last night. I swear any nap during the day spells doom and gloom for bedtime..Any suggestions besides the obvious. The preschool makes them nap, but I am tired by 10:00 and I am ready for mom time. Ugh.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hello Mr Crane...98/365

Hello Mr Crane...98/365, originally uploaded by krispycrunch6.

Just a little fellow I saw on my nightly walk with my neighbor tonight. He was just hanging out in the creek. I love the evenings, the light is so beautiful and the breeze is so inviting.

I love finding beautiful wildlife on my walks, except when the wildlife is a snake. UGH...Those buggers make me run screaming like a little sissy. This little guy was just my speed.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Does Anyone Remember Tammy Faye? 97/365

Well, I do and I think Phoebe did a great job capturing her look. Make a note: Keep makeup up higher!!!

This little one came down with the chicken pox a few days ago. So much for the vaccine. Everyone of my kids that had the shot has gotten the pox. I guess now we are done with this annoying disease. Okay, well may not for a few more days.

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