Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Life, Love and Family

Wow, it's already June, where does the time go? Once again it's time for The Creativity Project and this month's theme: Storytelling. As I pondered this theme and wondered how I would interpret it this month, I decided life, love and family all tell a story. Often in a good story there are events and actions that make you laugh, bring you to tears, put a smile on your face, but it's also about the journey.

So, please take a few moments to follow along with these pictures as they tell a story of life, love and family.

                  A tiny cradle lovingly handcrafted by mom's grandfather for his little great grand daughters.
         Smooshy lips. wispy hair, tiny wrinkles and that new baby smell that makes every mommy swoon.                                
      Snuggled on a blanket made by her great grandmother, soon to be an item that will always in intertwined                                                                       in those tiny fingers.
        A big sister filled with wonder, suddenly changing the new role from baby to big sister and doing it so                                                                                      beautifully.
               The warm  feeling for a mom cradling her child, knowing from baby's first breath a mom feels a                                                                 love that surpasses understanding.
                                               Know that being together is always the best place to be!

        The love of a father that brings giggles and a gentle embrace. Strength and tenderness from a daddy                                                             that a little girl will always remember.
      The first of many stories to be read. Getting lost in a good book, snuggled up, anticipating the next page,                                                             yet not wanting the story to end.
                                                 Smiles, and joy that mirror each other.
                                                 A  little girl with a sparkle that makes you smile.
Mostly though,this story is about a family that has a lifetime of memories to make, moments to share, and a story with no end.

I'm so glad you stopped by for a visit with me and I hope you enjoyed this little storytelling moment
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 Thank you so much to Chaz, Lindsey, Emmy, Reese and Chewy for inviting me into your home and letting me be a part of your day. You are an incredible family. xo


Monday, May 12, 2014


May is that special time of year that we really get to celebrate and acknowledge one of the most wonderful TREASURES God has given each of us, our mothers. No matter who you are, moms hold a special place in all our hearts. For me, I was blessed to have three special mothers in my life. My mom, my step mom, and my mother in law. All three of these special ladies have played a huge part in who I am today, as a daughter and as a mother myself. 
I learned a lot about love, grace, forgiveness, prayer, beauty, compassion, God, kindness, manners, strength and hope. I also, learned about loss, pain, heartache, time and sadness when I lost my mom and step mom within the last 5 years. They both passed suddenly and without warning. I look back and hold onto all the memories I can muster for these incredible women. I wish I had asked them to write down me their favorite recipes, asked more about their childhood, taken more pictures, and written them more letters. 

Although I hate the loss of my two moms. I am still blessed and honored to have my mother in law in my life, who I treasure and adore. I take the time to talk to her daily, she always makes me laugh, she makes me smile and I am  grateful to have her as my friend and my mother in law.

I only hope that one day that I can be half the mother these moms are to me. 

So, I guess this is my idea of TREASURE. Please take the time to visit http://so-i-blog.blogspot.com/2014/05/453-creativity-project-treasure.html
and view her treasures. When you are finished come and join us on facebook at The Creativity Project and share your TREASURE images with us. Also, to all those mothers out there, I hope you had a very Happy Mother's Day.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Furry Friends or Foe

Furry Friends is the theme over at The Creativity Project on face book. We all know that furry friends are the best, but today as I write this blog I've had maybe 4 hours sleep in two days. Why, you ask? It's a long story, but the short version is a furry friend in our family refuses to sleep in the crate without whining and crying all night. NO, it's not this beautiful little Buttercup of a guinea pig, but something or someone even smaller. EEEK. Don't worry it's not a mouse either. I'll get to that story in a minute. 

For now, I'd like to introduce you to a very well mannered member of our family. Her name is Buttercup and she is peach of a pet. Caroline is the proud momma of this little piggy and she loves this squeaker with all her heart. They spend lots of time together working on homework, eating carrots, drawing pictures and cuddling. Well, Caroline does most of the drawing and homework, but Buttercup is a faithful cheerleader. We are so happy to have this little piggy in our family.

Buttercup said, "How does my hair look? I wanna bring some style to your blog, Lady."
See, she is so helpful.

Then there is NEWMAN. Don't let that cute face, big eyes and innocent look fool you. He may be little but he is a fierce competitor. All 2 pounds of him brought this 110 pound grown woman to her knees last night. Newman is our little rescue puppy that I love and adore, but, HE WILL NOT SLEEP in his crate without crying ALL night. Need I say more?? He has an older dog, Yogi to guide him in the way of proper bedtime manners, but Newman doesn't care. Yogi(who is not pictured in this blog) is not too sure of what to think of this little whipper snapper in his home. He's been so patient, but looks at me with this look that says, "Really mom, why couldn't you just have another baby? But no, you had to get this little turd, thanks." I think the old dog can teach this new dog how to behave...I hope :)

So, I hope when you see this little face you understand how he captured my heart, and my sleep. I hope you also have compassion for me and my family when you notice we all look like we haven't slept in days. Well, we probable haven't. Also, if you have ANY advice on how to get little turd to sleep, PLEASE call me, text me, mail me, or send note by pigeon. Until then I'm off to get my grouchy, sleepy, exhausted children to school. Please be sure to stop by and visit a very dear friend, http://www.buckeroomama.com/ I bet she has some beauties to share with you.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Light and Love

If I Could Fly

I wish I had wings,
So I could fly, 
Wherever, whenever,
However high.

Over the schoolyard,
Over the pond,
I'd fly to the clouds,
And way beyond.

Birds might well wonder,
Who I could be,
Kicking and spinning,
And shouting out, "Whee!"

I'd float on the air
And wave to the ground:
I'd jump off a swing,
And zoom up, up, UP--
  NOT Down.

I'd soar with the wind 
As far as it goes,
And tickle the treetops
With my bare toes.

Louise Betts Egan

This was a poem I used to read to my oldest daughter when she was just a toddler. I saw these images of my youngest and they drew me to this book of poems. If I Could Fly, spoke to me today. Not only did it remind me of these images, but it brought back memories of reading books of poetry over and over to Katy. To this day, she loves books and poetry and as for me, I miss those special moments that flew by way too quickly.  I think I may share these books with my younger ones tonight.

I hope you enjoyed this month's theme; light and love. Come join us at The Creativity Project on facebook.We would love for you to share your Light and Love images with us. First, please join me in visiting this fabulous blogger:http://allredmop.blogspot.com/

Friday, January 10, 2014


                         Every Moment is a Fresh Beginning.  by T.S. Eliot

I live by these words and I preach these words to my own children.  I know life is full of trials and tribulations, ups and downs, laughter and tears but every day is a chance for a fresh beginning for all of us.
Having said that, I also see FRESH as a newness, innocence, and cleanliness to name just a few. I know these are obvious, but they still have an impact on us.
What is fresher than a clean little rugrat bathing in your tub? Along with the smiles and giggles that encompass the room. I adore the innocence and pure joy that comes from these special moments. So soon they will be gone. I want to hold onto them just a little while longer.

Or, freshly laundered sheets.  I can tell you, it's one of my favorite things. I prefer white sheets, as they make me feel so feminine and snuggled, like a warm embrace. I never  sleep better than when I shower, wash my sheets and snuggle in for the night with a good book. How about you?
 And finally, what is more beautiful, pure and fresh than the wrinkly, peeling and sweet smell of newborn baby skin. What woman doesn't long to snuggle a newborn just to get a whiff of a new baby?  I swear if we could bottle that smell it would be on every mom's bathroom vanity.  It would definitely be a staple at my house.
The definition of FRESH is not important, what is important is how a word makes you feel. Every person sees, hears, and perceives things according to their own heart and mind.  So, take the time to slow down and listen, see and feel your surroundings.
Please join us on facebook at The Creativity Project and post your pictures. We would love to see them.

Now, take a moment to go and visit this wonderful blogger and view her interpretation of FRESH.

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