Monday, February 10, 2014

Light and Love

If I Could Fly

I wish I had wings,
So I could fly, 
Wherever, whenever,
However high.

Over the schoolyard,
Over the pond,
I'd fly to the clouds,
And way beyond.

Birds might well wonder,
Who I could be,
Kicking and spinning,
And shouting out, "Whee!"

I'd float on the air
And wave to the ground:
I'd jump off a swing,
And zoom up, up, UP--
  NOT Down.

I'd soar with the wind 
As far as it goes,
And tickle the treetops
With my bare toes.

Louise Betts Egan

This was a poem I used to read to my oldest daughter when she was just a toddler. I saw these images of my youngest and they drew me to this book of poems. If I Could Fly, spoke to me today. Not only did it remind me of these images, but it brought back memories of reading books of poetry over and over to Katy. To this day, she loves books and poetry and as for me, I miss those special moments that flew by way too quickly.  I think I may share these books with my younger ones tonight.

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