Friday, April 6, 2012

Our Little Lovies....

All kids have lovies, and with 6 kids, we have collected our fair share of lovies over the past 21 years, These precious stuffed animals, blankets, and zippers have comforted all six of my kids through bad dreama, teething, tripa to the ER, long car rides, scary movies etc..You name it, these little creatures have played a very special part in each and every one of the kid's lives..

There have been a few losses, the most tragic was the loss of Piggy Sue, an adorable stuffed piggy that my oldest loved for many years. I allowed one of my children to take this piggy to Kindergarten for some occasion, and it was lost in the room and never returned..Now, all these years later, I still feel very guilty about the loss of this loved member of our family..Hopefully, one day, my oldest will forgive me.. My hubby and I have retrieved many a blanky from the trash bin, a preschool and even a McDonalds, and it has always been our pleasure to return these to their rightful owners in our home.

I admit, it has been sad to see many of the kiddos grow up and put their lovies in boxes, on top of a shelf, in a wicker chest or just left in the bed for those special times. Still, most of the kids still hold their special animal, blanky or zipper close by..Time may pass, but I know each of these kiddos has a lifetime of memories with their special lovey. I may get rid of a lot of things from the past one day, but you can be sure each and every lovey will always have a place in my heart and in  my home..

                                                    Piggy and Blanky
                                                                       Teddy Bear

So, thank you to Katy's, Piggy Sue and blanky, Jay's Fuzzy Bear, blanky, and binky, Em's Teddy and blanky, Hawkes' Bluey the dino, Snoodle and zipper, Caroline's Piggy and blanky, and last but not least, Phoebe's Bunny and blanky for bringing comfort and joy  to each and every one of these kids over the years.. 

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