Sunday, May 20, 2012

Almost 10

In a few months Miss C will be 10. Where did the time go? How could this little one grow up so fast, she knows I want her to slow down, just a little. I guess there is no stopping the inevitable, but I wont let her get bigger without a fight.

Seriously, I am thrilled to see what a lovely girl she is developing into over time. She is all tomboy, usually with a rats nest in her hair, ripped up sweats, crazy tennis shoes, and some sort of dirt on her at all times. She is also quite the little artist. Her drawings of animals blow me away. Her desire to learn everything about nature is impressive and her compassion for others melts my heart. I am excited to see who she is in another 10 years. No doubt, someone special.

1 comment:

  1. Well litel Miss C is BEAUTIFUL

    I love that braid and pony Tail

    those eyes are GOREGOUS!
    ~ and yes where has the time gone too-! ?

    Sending yu HUGS!


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