Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just Another Day At the Zoo

I wanted to share a few images I took of some of my kiddos yesterday. They are all a bunch of nuts and full of more energy that the Energizer Bunny. I hope you enjoy.
 They use the computer to watch TV.

 They hug their daddy. Some of my poor children have mini me growths on their backs..It's so sad..
 They take turns torturing each other. They even laugh during these sessions.

 Sometimes it's necessary for them to RUNNNNNNN.
 They like to stand at the top of the stairs and tease their mommy. Sometimes their mommy runs upstairs and tortures them for fun. It runs in the family.

 Some of my CRAZY kids play with little Shark finger puppets..That big kid may never be able to leave home. If he did, who would pretend to be Pablo the Shark.
 They show the camera their toys, UP CLOSE. Okay, too close.
 They even listen to music on the computer.
 They frighten the other children with scary masks.
 They break the rules and eat messy food outside of the kitchen. Then, they smile because they know mom has the camera and can't do anything about it..

 They have friends over. They play Beyblades and eat all the snacks in the house. After all the food is gone, the friends suddenly want to go home. Hmmm, is there a connection?????
They walk around the kitchen with dazed looks on their faces.

Well, there it is. I hope you haven't been too traumatized by these images. I'm afraid I will be forced to post more images of these people again, VERY soon. 


  1. Aww....I love those images, Kris!!!! I just miss Mommy on those pics;) Thank you sooo much for sharing:)

  2. Kris this is wonderful
    love all the kiddos, they are growing..
    every click is a memory too
    Keep on clicking.... they grow up waaaayyyy to FAST!
    love the nw blog and
    love you LOTS!



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