Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kids, kids everywhere, but not a shoe to be found....

 I love the way they snuggle together in the morning..Blankies, piggy, bunny, jammies and of course, the all important DS. It wouldn't normal if someone didn't have some sort of gadget in their hand.
With six kids, we have approximately 2,321 sippy cups in this house. Sad part is, that this sippy cup is only acceptable one by the Miss Priss. If this sippy cup is soooo valuable, why is it that she leaves is everywhere?
 I find thing lying around everywhere. Do you see a theme developing here? I can't tell you how many times a day I am searching the house(which isn't that BIG) looking for the missing shoe(Not to mention my hubby's shoes:) I am always amazed where the missing shoe turns up: a toy box, under the dog's feeding tray, under a bed, in the play fort,in the pantry, BUT almost never in the closet.
They even play outdoors, and I can guarantee you when this child comes in later he will have left at least several items outdoors. When I mow the lawn, I find: forks, towels, bowls, the missing shoe(that has since been replaced with a new pair), sippy cups and yet he bring his bike into the house.
Am I the only one that is confused here? In spite of the crazy, I love it!!!

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  1. I LOVE this blog, Kris! I have always loved the way you let us see your life! So real and so dear!


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