Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hello, Sunday

Sunday, the day full of so much: a day of rest, a day dedicated to family, a day dedicated to God, a day to renew our bodies, a day before school starts.(Sorry, I couldn't resist that last one). I sit here on the couch, the house is quiet. The dog and I are just hanging out together and I have been reflecting on this past week.

 A week ago I was full of fear and and shock, Today, I am at peace..That is the peace that comes with God's grace and the knowledge..A dear friend of mine, suggested I call the Livestrong Foundation and talk to them. I did, those people set me up with a sweet, compassionate lady named, Sharon. An P.A. with extensive knowledge in the different types of Pancreatic cancers. She helped me to understand that there are more than one type of cancer, and IF I have this certain type, it is not a death sentence. She helped to calm my fears and gave me hope and power..The saying," There is Power in Knowledge"is so true. Thank you, Sue and Sharon for those words. Needless to say, I am now a Livestrong supporter, and I am grateful..

This past week, I also learned that I have an incredible support team of friends and family that helped to lift me up these past days. Having one of my sisters drop everything and fly up and be with me was so touching. Kelly went with me to my appts and held my hand, asked the questions I forgot to ask, fed my kids, washed my dog, did my laundry, and even drank some of the nasty prep med for me. YUCK, now that my friends, is dedication. The calls, the letters and the messages from everyone has been beyond humbling. THANK YOU, thank you..

Now, on to the news, After having a tube put down my throat and one up( well never mind, Ibet you get the idea there), my colon was free of any cancer which is great news, Although the Dr said it was the longest intestine he had ever seen in 30 years of work, Figures, I have itty, bitty, short legs and a super long intestine, is there no justice:)?  The blood work came back which said the liver looked just fine, more great news..This week is an MRI which will check out the innards( I like that word) to get a better picture of things. I'm hoping they will take a look and say,"Hey old lady, what are you doing here? There isn't a damn thing wrong with you. Now, get outta here before we call security"...Geesh, some people can get so huffy.

Well, for now that's all I got. Thanks for listening to me babble on..Hope you have a great Sunday. Remember one thing, :"bottoms up" doesn't always mean drink up. Eeeewwwwwwww.....


  1. Hugs Kris! Your humor and love will get you through this ordeal! Glad all the reports so far are positive. Here's to another week of good news. "Bottoms up, my friend"

  2. You amaze me! I marvel at your sense of humor...and am so glad you have it. I loved this report! I am rejoicing that you are receiving such great news. Let it keep coming, Lord! Thank you for keeping us all posted. I have started to call a couple of times and just felt like you were getting bombarded so I didn't. PLEASE know that I think of you so much...pray for you...and wish I were closer. I would love to feed your kiddos, do your laundry...well...okay, AND bathe your dog!

    Bottoms up! Oh by the way, my last comment security word was "tackycho."

    Tackycho is right...this whole business is purely tackycho! xo

  3. Amazing.....that is your adjective! Amazing outlook, amazing humor, amazing family and friends, amazing results this week, amazing God, and amazing things ahead for you! God Bless.....we will keep praying without ceasing!

  4. Kris - love reading your words and news. We continue to send positive thoughts and prayers for you every day. I'm truly inspired by you! XOXOXOXO

  5. YOU are a SITE.....!! and that Sense of Humor has not left you a bit....
    So glad for the wonderful News.
    Wished Sherrie and i both lived closer- I would feed the kids, and she could ---bathe the dog! and we would both share the laundry...
    a pure Diva you could be!!!

    Bottoms Up to you Girly Girl')
    We Sure do love you!


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