Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Date is Set..

Today, I saw the BIG guy, an awesome Oncologist that is going to perform The "Whipple" surgery on my sad, sorry excuse for a Pancreas. As thought earlier, he again confirmed the Neuroendocrine Tumor and is going to remove it on November 1st. Am I thrilled beyond words to have a plan of action, you betcha and am I scared to death of the surgery, no doubt about it..

Dr Schwarz is saying about 8-12 days in the hospital and about 4 more weeks recovery at home. I think I can do this, it's only a speck of time out of my LONG life.  I will be in great hands, God has always taken good care of me and I am sure he will continue to look out for me..He's good like that.

I will tell you, I am so incredibly grateful to everyone for all the prayers and help for the past few months. I would appreciate it for just a big longer, I promise after they remove the tumor I will try not to be sooooooooo needy:)

The other thing I want to add, PLEASE don't ever ignore those subtle signs your body gives you that something is wrong. Some cancers are very silent and this is why they are so dangerous. I am blessed that a continued stomach ache, and messed up bowels got me to the Dr and I had a Dr that took me seriously and did a CT. YOU must listen to that gut feeling that says, "I don't feel right".

Enough preaching. Thanks for caring and thank you so much for all your love and support.



  1. Kris, I admire you so much as a woman, and as a fellow artist ~ Now I admire you even more for your strength and courage. My thoughts and prayers are with you throughout your journey. Please continue to inspire us with your neverending positivity and beauty xx
    Hayley J

  2. Thanks for sharing Kris. You'll be in my prayers!

  3. Kristen, I am humbled by you and admire your courage & faith so much. Proud to have you as a sister. Know that you are loved and that we think of you all the time and pray for you every day. Now I know what to specifically pray for. Love always, Danah

  4. Oh I will be praying for you sweet Kris.
    Hope it stays away for ever and ever!

  5. Oh Sweet kris..

    So glad you Up- Dated Us..
    Just Know God Is Merciful and He Will see you Thru this..

    After the Surgery and recovery... YOU will feel so Much better and better..

    I too Hope It Says gone Forever
    I love You..

    1st Corinthians 12:9 His Grace is so Sufficient! ad we so Believe IT!
    love to you sweet girl!
    and many hugs too XXX Cindy!~

  6. I'm so happy that there is now a plan for you to get some help. I know God is in you corner and is looking after you. Warm hugs and love to you sweet lady. God's blessings to you now and forever, Nana Judy

  7. Kristen,
    We are friends of the Alexanders and we have had you on our prayer chain at Cascade Christian Church. I cant wait to share your news and we will continue to pray for a successful surgery and recovery.
    Marsha Steensma

  8. Thank you everyone so much for the support and prayers..I am so grateful for all you that God put in my life..

  9. Hi Kris ... it's Monica over from Flickr (aka Cuisle West) coming to wish you a speedy recovery, and to let you know our prayers are winging their way to you and yours, across the miles. I have long admired your art and the fact that you manage six children with such seeming ease ... and now I have courage, grace and strength to add to your list of admirations.

  10. Hey Beautiful Lady! It is so great to get an update on your health and to see that, as usual, you are remaining your wonderful optimistic self! I am very confident that you are going to come through this amazingly. I can't tell you how much I wish I were near to help you. Praying in Washington doesn't seem as helpful as doing laundry or making dinner in Texas. Please call when you have the energy. I would love to talk to you! Sending LOVE and HUGS....and always prayers!

    Oh, and congratulations on your new granddaughter! She is gorgeous and I know you will spoil her rotten! ( "

  11. I want to be like you when I grow up! xo

  12. Hi Kris,

    I used to follow you on flickr but then I kind of got away from flickr as it was eating up too much of my time. Anyway, I just came across some photos on flickr and came hear and read about your illness. I am so sorry to hear about what you have been going through. I'm praying for you and I will continue to do so. I love your positive attitude. Along with your faith, God will hold you up.

  13. Kris, you are a brave and wonderful women of God. He is with you though this whole process. I know you have all ready had your surgery and I'm sure you are doing well and will be home soon. God bless your recovery and God bless you and your lovely family. Love and warm hugs, Nanaofhuck, Judy Oliveira


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