Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fossils, Friends and Fun ...

There are friends we meet in our lives that come and go. Then there are friends that stay in our lives and hearts forever. 20 years ago, I was a young mom of an adorable 1 year old in a small college town. I had very few friends at that time. Over the span of a few weeks I met a couple of ladies and their sweet little one year old boys. Those women soon became dear friends of mine. One in particular is still a very close friend, Linda. She and her husband Bob are such a neat couple, as our their boys. Who knew one day I would give birth to a child that is so much like my friend, Linda.

My friend and Caroline are like stinky twinkies(that means like twins). My 9 year old loves to draw animals(I can't even draw stick people), she reads everything she can about animals, she adores nature, she is all about the environment,collector of rocks and fossils, she saves every animal known to man that ends up in our yard(even it doesn't want saving). The point here, she is just like Linda.

Last night, a box arrived from Linda and her hubby for Miss Caroline. Imagine her joy when she found books, fossils, a couple cool dino shirts(she is obsessed with dinosaurs) and a neat little pottery bunny. She was in heaven.

                                   Here she is reading the big cat book. Okay, this went on for hours.
                                                                         and hours

                                                   still reading, she really loves to read,
 When the family got home, she pulled out the fossils and they all gathered around and inspected every fossil
 I guess dinner can wait a few minutes.( Please take the box off my pot of pasta, please)
                                                       "look at this one mom, isn't this cool".
                                              Even big brothers love shark teeth and fossils.
 Little girls love tshirts with Dinosaurs on them. I think this is the bird that Bob discovered in the Sante Fe River. How cool is that!! BTW: she slept in the shirt and is still wearing it today.
"Miss Linda, is this the Manatee tooth?" Caroline loved this fossilized tooth. Needless to say, my child is in hog heaven and is so beyond thrilled with her new treasures. THANK YOU, Linda and Bob for these very cherished gifts for my little one. All it did was make her want to be a Paleontologist more than ever.


  1. What a great document to honor your friends and note the treasured days of your children.

  2. I loved this, Kris! Little Miss Caroline is adorable in her pursuit of all things Dino! What a great treat for her...something that might seem ordianry, like receiving a package in the mail, can have a HUGE impact on who children become...the fuel of dreams!

    Thank you for sharing your life again! ( "

  3. So Precious! She is beautiful....!
    Love this Post...!
    Its the small things that make Life Fun and very Memorable...! She Seemed so Pleased

    kris You take care..
    and thanks with Sharing With Us too!

    This was so Sweet!

    love you!!!!


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