Monday, November 11, 2013

Rainbows and Rainboots

I am so proud to be a part of The Creativity Project alongside so many wonderful photographers  whose collective works humble me. This months theme is: Faceless portraits.  I thought long and hard about what this  meant and then decided to stop thinking with my head and start shooting with my heart.

                                                                     Life isn't about
                                                         waiting for the storm to pass.
                                                                 It"s about learning to
                                                                    dance in the rain.

When you are finished here, go visit this fabulous blog to see some more faceless portraits. Please feel free to post any of your faceless portraits to our group on facebook


  1. Welcome to our Circle! Love this series and the pretty pop of color! Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the months to come :)

  2. Oh my word! Kris! You knocked this out of the park! What a great post. I love the umbrella. Very, very pretty and fun. I felt like I was right there with you : ).

  3. These are absolutely brilliant! I almost expected melodious background music as I scrolled through each pic.... so lovely. So happy that your are part of the circle!

  4. Your photos scream FUN!!! Love them all.

  5. These photos are freaking fun I love them!

  6. I am scrolling through them thinking ...
    "Oh that is cute"
    "I love that one."
    "Wait, that is my favorite."
    "Nope, I like that one better!"
    "No wait, "THAT is my favorite!"
    "OMG that HAS to be the best!"
    "B&W is amazing"
    "Oops, new fave!"
    "OH a puddle - my all-time hands-down favorite!"
    "Dangit Kris, how do you DO that?!"

  7. This is such a beautiful series. I felt like I could hear music too.
    Glad to have joined Creativity Project too.

  8. Thank you for joining us Kris, beautiful photos you have here on your blog, im looking forward to seeing more of your work

  9. I love the colors, boots and pink pants so sweet ! I wish it was raining over here to go play in the rain with my boys! You got a fun way of getting all the god stuff without the face! Love it

  10. Fun images, and I love your processing! :)

  11. lovely post...Welcome to the circle!

    -Katherine Vargas


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