Friday, February 10, 2012

10 on 10 February

I have admiring all the 10 on 10 blogs that I have been viewing, one of my favorites is the very talented Molly Flanagan. Her lifestyle photography is filled with such joy and true to life images. I decided to attempt my first 10 on 10. 10 pictures on the 10th of the month, so goes here folks.


  1. Wonderful kris! Love the shot of your dog from the top of the stairs! And thanks for the shout out!!!

  2. This is very cool Kris. Love them all, especially one of Hawks with his cool hair and skinny jeans! And Phoebe peering under Jay's arm while he places the cookie dough, looks like she's waiting for just the right moment to sneak some dough!


    HONESTLY------- YOu and I Always Had Every Day Living!
    Love that sweet Caroline, and all the rest!

    Hope this finds you having good DAYS and Feeling FINE AND DANDY!
    thought of YOU so Much!
    Sending GREAT BIG HUGS!
    LOVE Cindy!~

  4. My first visit to your blog. This is r_spin from flickr, otherwise known as Rachel. I like the idea of 10 on 10 capturing the daily life of your family. I also read a few days down into your blog and am saying prayers for your friend and thanking God for your health.

    p.s. I loved the peonies too

  5. thanks ladies, for the sweet comments..It feels so good to be back..I missed everyone..


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