Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pink ...

Today I spent the day with my bestie, getting wigs fitted and styled.NOT, the thing we should be doing today.No one should have to face the reality of losing their hair. Sitting and waiting and wondering," how will I look in this new do", "will anyone notice", "does this wig look like me"" and more importantly, "does this wig make my butt look big?"

My friend Bonnie is forced to go through this as she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last month and is getting ready to go through surgery, chemo and radiation. It breaks my heart to see her or any woman going through this. The scary part of this was that she did everything right, she found a lump, she got the mammogram and surprise the Mammogram came back clear. Now, IMAGINE  if she had believed this inaccurate reading. Bonnie, stood up for herself and  told her Dr the mammogram had to be wrong.Her doctor listened and unfortunately a biopsy confirmed her fears.. As a woman, man, or parent we have to be our best advocate for our medical care.

My suggestions, don't let a Dr or test tell you are okay if you hear that little voice that says that tells you differently. Be strong, be brave and bold when it comes to matters of health. Nuff said.

I want to end this by saying, I am so proud of my friends bravery. I know that she is scared and full of angst for her future. I know she would like to take away the pain and fear this has caused her husband, children, family and friends. She talks more about how this has affected others and not herself. She finds herself comforting others when she is the one that needs warm arms wrapped around her. She needs a soft place to land when things seem unbearable, but she would never admit it.That's just the type of lady she is, one tough cookie.

I hope you will take a minute out of your day to say a little prayer for her and her wonderful family. Remember, one day you may need the prayers, the warm hugs and someone to make you laugh. Cancer affects every family and does not care how beautiful, wealthy, poor, kind or loving you are. One day it affects us all. I guarantee you, when it does I will say my prayers for you. We are all God's children and he wants us to look out for each other. Especially as women, we need to stand together and kick some butt.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, thank you for caring and thank you for praying. I send you my grateful heart..

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