Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Macaroon Kind of Sunday......

Rain, rain go away..That has been the theme of the weekend for me..Now, having said that I am grateful that God has showered us with the much needed rain. Texas has been hit very hard this past year with one of the worst droughts we've had in years. Many trees and bushes have died, the grass has been scorched and the flowers have suffered.

So why, would I want the rain to go away. I guess two words should do it..Cabin Fever!! With 5 kids, a husband and a dog sharing the same space, things have gotten a little over crowded..So I say, amen for the playstaion, the wii, the television, netflix and the ipad..Seriously, this whole new age of technology is insane. I remember when we played board games for hours and read books that took us on adventures we could not even imagine. I truly miss those days, but wonder if it's possible to return to the past?

I have come to the conclusion that all that really matters in the long run is that we are together, even if it means cuddling up on the couch with the Ipad, watching a Prince slay an evil dragon, or comparing the images we took with our Iphones. Yet, my heart still melts when one of my kiddos spends hours drawing me pictures or when my bigger kids still snuggle in my bed while I read one of the classics, like White Fang. More than anything, I am just grateful for each and every day. Even the crazy moments in our house that closely resemble the movie,  The Shining...

I hope your weekend was filled with love, laughter and hugs, whether you were indoors avoiding the rain, or outdoors playing in the snow, or relaxing on a beach.

On that note, let me leave you with an image that brightens my day, mainly because I got to eat the delicious objects in the photo..

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  1. Child like you I have been indoors too
    asking the Rain NOT to TURN to SNOW
    We might JEST get that TONITE
    LOVE this and Iknow the INSANITY Can Send you Over the MOON
    But Its still Soooooo Good to have them at HOME
    LOve the beautiful cookies, throw us a diet coke and we will put them OUT of the PIC!
    LOVe you My TX GF
    So Very MUCH!


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