Thursday, February 25, 2010

12 years old 55/365

12 years old 55/365, originally uploaded by krispycrunch6.

This is my son Hawkes, he turned 12 yesterday. He is my loner, my thinker, my comedian, my future engineer. This guy made me wait for him, when his birth mom was pregnant we were told he would be born Dec 20th. Well, my family and I flew to Florida from Texas to wait for our son to be born.

December went by January went by and finally after 5 weeks of waiting and wondering we were told we could go home. His due date was changed to March 3rd. We returned to Texas to wait some more, On Feb 22nd I flew back to Florida with my 2 yr old daughter, leaving my hubs to care for our other two children in Texas.

I was staying 5 minutes from the hospital and finally at 2:15 am I received a call to get to the hospital, I went to the bathroom to put on some makeup and brush my teeth. Left my baby with my in laws and drove to the hospital. When I walked in the room, my son had just been born and I missed it by 2 minutes. He weighed in at 9lb 9oz and looked like a linebacker for the Bears. The funny thing is, he is a really tiny little guy now.

I love this red haired, freckled faced, blue eyed handsome little dude. He still makes me wait for him, always running late for school..I guess if you come out late, you're always going to be late...

I love you Hawkes.....Mom

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  1. This is really beautiful! Happy Birthday to him! And hugs to you...12...I'll be a mess!


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