Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Birds 56/365

The Birds 56/365, originally uploaded by krispycrunch6.

This is a lot different for me, but there is a reason. I took this shot from my backyard. You look and think, wowie, cute little birdies. NOT me, did you ever see the movie, The Birds? Well I did, and I am freaked out by a bunch of birds in my yard. I also have a bad history with birds.

My family calls me "The Bird Killer". I can't help it, but on more than 4 occasions birds have been killed by my van. One bird was hit by meas I was taking my Emily to school, it did not die but when I turned around to get the bird it was gone. I was so sad and felt horrible for what happened. An hour or so later, I was in my kitchen doing dishes and there was the freaky crow with the broken wing sitting on my fence in front of my kitchen window. Needless to say, I was afraid to leave the house for the day.

The other times, birds just flew in front of my van and got hit. The final straw came when Katy and I were driving down the road, we were coming to a stop light and a bird flew into my front window. Thank goodness, he was okay, but then he flew to the ground and the truck next to me ran him over. So, that is why I am known as the bird killer and why I am now afraid of crows.

btw: I like birds and would never hurt a bird on purpose.

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