Monday, February 15, 2010

The Snow of 2010 46/365

The Snow of 2010 46/365, originally uploaded by krispycrunch6.

Here it is...the snow that made our winter super special. Eight inches of wonderful white snow. More snow than Dallas has seen in a decade.
We started our day by walking home from school in the snow, no wimpy driving for us. We went sledding, we rolled down hills, we made snowmen, we had snowball fights, some people only wore shorts(weirdo), we enjoyed our two days of winter bliss..

Yes, we will miss all this cold fluff, but I will not miss all the wet mittens, shoes, coats, jeans, socks and dogs..I will not miss the mud that got tracked through the house or the endless baths to warm hands and feet. I will not miss finding my 11 yr old in the tub in his jeans(because he thought wearing his clothes would warm him up faster). Ok, I do wish I had photographed that image. For now, I am grateful for the snow we got and grateful I don't have to deal with this for months on end. It was clearly the best of both worlds...

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