Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hold On.... 38/365

Hold On.... 38/365, originally uploaded by krispycrunch6.

There are times in life when we are just trying to hold on. I know I am like this leaf in my yard, I hold on to that olive branch that God holds out for me. I pray and wait for his response, frustrated that he isn't doing things in my time but his own. I am impatient and quick to anger but I hold on to the fact that my heavenly father loves me still. I hold on to hope that he will continue to bless me with a beautiful family and friends. Although family is so far away, I know that my family will be there in an instant if I needed them. I hold on to the blessings that are my children, yes having kids can be trying at times but there is no greater gift.

Finally, I hold on to hope that people, including myself will not throw up when they read this dribble I just wrote. Truth is, it's cold, dark and dreary here and no kids wanted to be a part of my 365 project. Even the dog ignored my pleas for just one picture, he walked out of the room when I tried to take his picture. There was not a single bird in sight, only a dead squirrel on the neighbors shed and that didn't seem very pleasing. So all that was left was this poor leaf holding on to a branch even though it should have fallen days ago. Stupid leaf. So there you go, Hold on to which ever part of my story you want, but either way that's all there is...

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