Friday, February 12, 2010

Run Free And Naked, But NOT With A Pencil In Your Hand.. 44/365

That's the motto at my house.. That's just the way we roll here in Texas. Okay, not really, if you come over, the rest of the family is usually fully dressed. Phoebe, not so much. She loves to run free and wild. Yes, I do dress her, but she takes the clothes off and this is the result. The rest of the family will be snuggled under blankets but not Baby Godiva.

We do not however allow running with scissors, pencils, knives or small fluffy animals. We also do not allow children to leave the house naked, you must wear at least a diaper to go to the mall. I'm serious about this rule!

p.s. No toddlers were injured while running with a pencil in the making of this image.

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