Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Have What? 37/365

I Have What? 37/365, originally uploaded by krispycrunch6.

Okay, the day starts out like every other day. Kids at school, do the laundry, feed the little one, make beds, clean house, you get the point, work. I feel a little out of breath and tired. At the early evening I go to Sam's to get necessary supplies and realize on the way home I still feel like I can't get air and decide oh what the heck and drive to the CareNow place..Four hours later and four breathing treatments, blood draw and a chest xray I find out I have asthma and pneumonia.

Here's what got my attention.."Mam, your blood pressure is 190/72, and you need to be taking something for your high blood pressure". Me, hello, I exercise, I eat pretty well(even my veggies), I am still only 115 lbs at 5"3,HOW CAN I HAVE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE? Now, I feel really old and so I plan to get my a** moving and take even better care of this Old Fart body..

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