Friday, March 26, 2010

A Day to Rest and Recover 76/365

I am feeling great tonight and thankful today is over. I had forgotten how much anethesia made me sick. I am such a wimp. I got the best care today from Michael and the kids. Phoebe played the role of mommy and even shared a sticky, wet, nasty lollipop with me. Ugh. It would have hurt her feelings not to try it. Caroline made me a picture of and angel, hmmm. I admit it, I'm a little Had a blast talking to Katy, she is the best for phone conversation..

I do have news that requires praise and a prayer. My neice Karsten has been diagnosed with a growth in her ear. The praise is that it does not extend beyond the ear and tumors in the ear don't usually spread. Amen. Pray for her surgery and the hope that her hearing loss will be restored. I also ask for prayer for Mike, he is looking at a possible contract after over a year without even a nibble of a job. Thanks so much ..

Okay, I am heading up to bed. Sorry for the babbling, I will be more clear headed tomorrow..hugs

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