Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Fun Sunday...FIRE!!! 65/365

Okay, so I learned some very important lessons today. Being a freak about getting the lawn in shape, I decided it was a beautiful day to mow, edge and clean up the yard. I mowed,no problem.. I weed wacked, no problem.. I edged the neighbors yard and then my own. That is where the problem started. I was edging, Caroline was sweeping and suddenly she taps me, eyes as big as saucers. I think there must be a snake or something, then I see her mouth saying FIRE!!!!

Guess what, I did not have a in the front yard? A HOSE!!! The fire is growing and I run in the house looking for the phone to call 911 if necessary. Fire growing, a very nice man stopped and tried to help, but still no hose.. My brilliant daughter tried beating it out with a wet towel which really helped to slow it down, but it still grew. At last, my neighbor across the street runs over with a hose and guess what, he helps to spray down the fire as the fire dept arrives to see us extinguishing the blaze.

Thanks to my 7 year old, 19 year old and some great people the fire did not reach the house. Needless to say, I did NOT continue to edge the yard. Too much excitement for one day.
Lessons learned:
1. put a hose on the spicket out front.
2. do not use edger unless the grass is moist.
3. Always have a lookout person to watch for fires
4. do not use my tennis shoes to stomp out a fire, they melt on the sole.
5. wear makeup and a bra the next time I mow the lawn in case HOT firemen have to come to my rescue again.

So that was my quiet Sunday afternoon. How was your day?

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