Monday, March 1, 2010

A Look Back~Bench Monday 59/365

I took this shot on the right this morning as the Bebe was watching the rain and it reminded me of a shot I caught last year. I went through the 2009 archives and found the shot on the left. It had been taken near the end of Feb last year. I am so glad she was caught in the window again this year.

Amazing how quickly the kids change in a year.. I know I am certainly growing also, out not up, but it's still growth..I guess I need to lay off the cookies, and kids left overs. I am learning that I now eat when I am stressed, so look out Jenny Craig a new spokesperson is on the way.
Hopefully, I will come up with another way to handle stress, any suggestions? I think going to Florida and relaxing at the beach and spending time with family would help. I wonder if I can get the doc to write that in a prescription? I wonder if my insurance would pay for the travel? Hello, this is medically necessary!! Some things to ponder to when I sit down to the apple tart I plan to make for dessert tonight. MMmmMMMmmmm.

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