Monday, March 29, 2010

The Strange Habits of A Naked Donut Eating Two Year Old ~ Bench Monday 79/365

I had to post the whole set...I spied this strange activity after returning from the laundry room.
1.naked, dress on the floor, water running?
2.rinsing the donette, Why?
3.licking the donette and eating it. Weird
4.calling her name and getting caught with her left hand in the Donette bag.

I may be her mother, but this is one strange kid.
Happy Bench Monday


  1. Ha- I love it that she was rinsing the donut...strange, yes...but totally sounds like something my little one would do for sure! This is a great capture!

  2. Hello? She was rinsing all the messy powder off the donut - I think it makes perfect sense...she is just thinking over your head, Kris. Be afraid, be very afraid. LOL, love the blog, hon!I haven't been on flickr all DAY!! I forgot it was bench monday until I just looked at this.


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