Thursday, March 25, 2010

"All In All, It's Just Another Brick In The Wall" 75/365.

This song popped in my head when I looked at my photo.
Bringin' back the 80's

This is a desperate attempt at any kind of shot today. You would think with Phoebe at preschool today I would have tons of time. If only that were true. I guess I could have put off grocery shopping and cleaning the kitchen. The problem was, the cupboards were bare and the ants were trying to take over the counters. I felt I had no choice but to wage an all out assault on the little buggers. They were running onto the counter as fast as I was killing them ..I finally got the glass cleaner and just sat by spraying every one of those ants. I even found myself threatening them verbally. I do think I won this battle for today. No doubt, tonight they will wage a new war, but I will be waiting with my spray and a roll of paper towels..

Well, I need to get some sleep, war is never easy. I am sure the ants are waiting for me to show weakness, so rest is essential.
love to all, please pray for me on my mission.

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  1. I like this shot, it's cool and I love the song--brings back so many memories of when I was in grade school...ahhh...Pink Floyd :)


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