Thursday, January 7, 2010

Change Is Good 7/365

Change Is Good, originally uploaded by krispycrunch6.

Finally, after what seems like 100's of hours the rooms are done(ok, except for recovering the seat cushion, new light fixture and painting the day bed black). Yes, I admit it I threw a complete hissy fit because the paint color was wrong and it was my sweet mother in law that talked me off the cliff. I swear I acted like a two year old, but after a trip back to the paint store all was well. My children and husband endured no food or assistance for 3 days and worked hours that would rattle the child slave labors laws, but it's over. Well, between you and me I have some plans for the master bedroom and I will need some help from my family. Shhhh, don't tell, I want it to be a surprise...hehe

On another note, the plague is going through the house and kids are dropping like flies so I may be in lock down for days and days to come, but I could not miss my 365 project on day 7.

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