Sunday, January 24, 2010

Family History ~ 24/365

Family History ~ 24/365, originally uploaded by krispycrunch6.

These bibles and glasses are among my favorite treasures. The wire rimmed glasses belonged to my grandfather and I remember watching him carefully wrap the thin wires around his ears whenever he would read. The image is planted in my mind forever, I always found those glasses so captivating. When he passed, I knew I wanted a pair of his old glasses.

The bible belonged to my other grandfather. It was given to him as a boy, the date inside is 1914. The pages are worn and well read. Clearly this was bible was more than a gift, but something he held close to him. It is also a treasure to me..

Two men,two different families but both men of God. In their own ways learning and cherishing their heavenly father..Both men gone from this earthly place, but I look forward to seeing them both again one day.

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  1. What a neat shot! I just love the DOF...and so neat that this is your grandfather's Bible!!


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