Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Gifts Of Christmas Past 5/365

Every year it's the same thing..Buy gifts for six children, hide them throughout the house and then wrap sometime before Christmas morning. Sounds easy enough, here's the kicker..I am the Queen of hide and seek...I hide things in my house so well that God himself would have trouble locating such items..Me, not being nearly as clever as God, hide the gifts so well I lose things every year. This year is no exception, In fact I hid the gifts so well, I called Target and Starbucks to see if my bags had been turned in. Needless to say, No..I considered fighting the charge of said lost gifts. But alas, I hid the receipt also..
Sorry for babbling on, Come Xmas morning there are 3 Starbucks gift cards (which I replaced for 60.00), one flash drive, one football,one Disney princess coloring book and a toddler size box of crayons MIA. Well, let it be said Murphy's Law came into play and a few days later all were located, except for one Junior Size Football(any ideas where I hid that son of a gun?) Oh well, I have until February to find the football and give that as a birthday present.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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