Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Color Of Springtime Is In The Flowers, The Color Of Winter Is In The Imagination. 28/365

I know, more flowers, but no one wants to see the family with runny noses, dark circles under the eyes, gaunt pale faces or boogies on our sleeves..Hmm, maybe you do, but tough noogies I'm not sharing.. I will share that I am starting to get caught up on life. The laundry is mostly finished, the house is mostly vacuumed, the kids are mostly dressed and the dog is mostly fed..No, it aint perfect but that's the way it is today.
(truth is the house is a god awful wreck, but I will clean tomorrow or Monday, well definitely by Tuesday).
On that note, I need to go bathe a baby and get some Dulce de Leche ice cream I have hidden in the freezer for just ME! Sure, I will be hiding in my closet eating it, but I don't mind.

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