Wednesday, January 13, 2010

WHY? 13/365

Why do I worry about every picture I take? I drive myself insane with questions? Did I get the comp right? Should I use a b/w conversion, tone it or add a pop of color, textures etc. I have turned into some crazed junkie lunatic. I love taking pictures more than anything else(I mean things for me personally, kids and family are exempt). How is it I can take a couple hundred shots a week and still fret about it?

Now is the time to just appreciate a passion for a passion and chill out. Since when did I become a perfectionist? Deep breath, slow down and enjoy life. That is what I said, now it's time to stop asking why and just start enjoying things..

On that note, I really want to change these images, but maybe not..Okay, turn off the damn computer and let it be..Tomorrow, thankfully will be filled with laundry, toilet scrubbing, dusting, vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms. NO time for playing photographer.( Ha, I will find a way to shoot some special things in my house)..

Enough for now, I'm done.."Wake up, I said I was done and this time I mean it"..

kiss kiss


  1. Sometimes I'm the same way! There are so many possibilities! But you know...once you've gotten an image to a place you love, I find that nothing else measures up. Because I've often just saved what I had then started all over and found that the first time was best. It's good to have confidence in your instincts...that is what makes YOU great! xoxo

  2. Love this shot, fantastic light!! THanks for the blog love, yours is so the wallpaper too!


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